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APAC Retirement Legislative Updates

Below you will find recent legislative developments from across the APAC region, with a focus on retirement.

Country Date Topic Headline Expected Impact Read More
Armenia December 2022 Governance Proposed measures Medium https://aon.io/3Fd2XYI
Azerbaijan October 2022 Governance Employment-related laws Medium https://aon.io/3SJzUQo
Australia March 2023 Taxation / Social security change Proposed changes in superannuation tax breaks Medium https://aon.io/3ld5j2K
  February 2023 Pension plan benefits The Social Services and Other Legislation Amendment (Incentivising Pensioners to Downsize) Bill 2022 Medium https://aon.io/3JQ3SkA
  November 2022 Governance 2022-23 Budget proposals High https://aon.io/3UkuoVH
  September 2022 Pension plan benefits Social Services Legislation Amendment (Enhancing Pensioner and Veteran Workforce Participation) Bill 2022 Medium https://aon.io/3BN7kXS
  September 2022 Taxation / Social security change The Social Services and Other Legislation Amendment (Incentivising Pensioners to Downsize) Bill 2022 Medium https://aon.io/3Cc7E3M
  August 2022 Governance Financial hardship requests Medium https://aon.io/3Kgo0e2
  August 2022 Retirement age Reduction in the eligibility age for downsizer contributions Medium https://aon.io/3d3HoOT
  July 2022 Governance Regulatory Guide 276 Superannuation forecasts Medium https://aon.io/3ocuBMr
  July 2022 Social security change Super changes Medium https://aon.io/3ICLkBN
  April 2022 State pension reform Superannuation Data Transformation Phase 2 Medium https://aon.io/3JZ7Jsj
  April 2022 Governance Extension of relief for superannuation trustees Medium https://aon.io/3EP2Scb
  April 2022 Taxation / Social security change Key superannuation rates and thresholds for the 2022–23 income year Medium https://aon.io/3EnHrih
  April 2022 State pension reform International Organisation of Pension Supervisors Good Practices for designing, presenting and supervising pension projections Medium https://aon.io/3rri0Hl
Bahrain May 2022 State pension reform Social Insurance Pension Program reform Medium https://aon.io/3yvrzZY
China February 2023 State pension reform Third-Pillar Pension Program High https://aon.io/3jE14wt
  December 2022 Taxation / Social security change Tax policies for personal pensions Medium https://aon.io/3VfzoeY
  October 2022 Taxation / Social security change Tax concessions for private pension schemes Medium https://aon.io/3RRanUU
  June 2022 Social security change Increase in pension payment Medium https://aon.io/3zB7e67
  June 2022 Governance Deferred premium payments Medium https://aon.io/3OeUVAl
  May 2022 State pension reform Nationwide private old age pension insurance High https://aon.io/3s9P3Qy
Hong Kong February 2023 Social security change Increase in payment rates and allowance Medium https://aon.io/3JwJ1D0
  June 2022 Governance Offsetting Arrangement amendment passed Medium https://aon.io/3HVF9Zv
  May 2022 Governance Mandatory Provident Fund (MPF) Guidelines Medium https://aon.io/3wyr7Yb
  May 2022 Governance Electronic Mandatory Provident Fund (eMPF) Platform update Medium https://aon.io/3yKgYur
  May 2022 Investment policy New Mandatory Provident Fund (MPF) fund Medium https://aon.io/3yJREVm
India February 2023 Taxation / Social security change Union Budget 2023-24 Medium https://aon.io/38Cskk6
  February 2023 Governance Re-examination of cases of pension Medium https://aon.io/3K8qld9
  February 2023 Pension plan benefits Instructions in compliance with orders issued by court High https://aon.io/3CXLbY5
  January 2023 Governance Labour Codes Medium https://aon.io/3X61FVw
  January 2023 Social security change Higher pension resulting from Supreme Court 4 November, 2022 Ruling High https://aon.io/3CXLbY5
  October 2022 Governance Circular issued on withdrawal of prosecution cases related to non-submission of Know Your Customer (KYC) Medium https://aon.io/3CBpWdu
  September 2022 State pension reform Minimum and maximum commission chargeable on National Pension Scheme (NPS) account contributions Medium https://aon.io/3BctYbS
  July 2022 Governance Labour Code Amendments Medium https://aon.io/3IWOPU0
Indonesia May 2022 Governance Procedures and Requirements for Payment of Jaminan Hari Tua (JHT) Medium https://aon.io/3wC1wxw
Israel January 2023 Governance Regulatory retirement updates High https://aon.io/3W4rhRM
  January 2023 Taxation / Social security change Contribution limits and allowances High https://aon.io/3XSIoYf
Japan November 2022 Pension plan benefits Relaxation of iDeCo membership requirements for corporate DC subscribers High https://aon.io/3AlHp9D
Kazakhstan January 2023 Taxation / Social security change Single Payment on Payroll in 2023 introduced Medium https://aon.io/3QKASfH
  November 2022 Governance The republican budget for 2023-2025 Medium https://aon.io/3X3btAC
  April 2022 Pension plan benefits Minimum sufficiency thresholds for 2022 Medium https://aon.io/3jUHqZu
Kyrgryzstan December 2022 Pension plan benefits Rates of insurance premiums for foreigners and citizens of Kyrgyzstan Medium https://aon.io/3UXue6m
Philippines January 2023 State pension reform Worker’s Investment and Savings Program (WISP) Plus High https://aon.io/3GEvW7E
  August 2022 Pension plan benefits Increase in monthly pensions for indigent citizens Medium https://aon.io/3PuwFuc
  July 2022 Governance Social Security System (SSS) planning to launch two new programs Medium https://aon.io/3zaLaNV
  July 2022 State pension reform Social Pension Program for Indigent Senior Citizens reform Medium https://aon.io/3PmlZi3
Qatar October 2022 State pension reform New Social Insurance Law (Qatar Law No. 1 of 2022) High https://aon.io/3CAW9Dg
  June 2022 State pension reform Laws on retirement benefits Medium https://aon.io/3xRTZN2
Singapore March 2023 Social security change Central Provident Fund (CPF) contributions Medium https://aon.io/3ykSvKE
  December 2022 Social security change 2023 Central Provident Fund Board (CPF) rates and basic healthcare sum Medium https://aon.io/3hvbcGB
South Korea July 2022 Investment policy Employee Retirement Benefit Security Act amendments High https://aon.io/3zwHY0h
Turkey March 2023 Retirement age Law No. 7438 Amending the Social Security and General Health Insurance Law and Decree No. 375 Medium https://aon.io/3LKRzXV
  April 2022 State pension reform Changes to the Private Pension System Medium https://aon.io/3jxjLy3
United Arab Emirates April 2022 Governance New law on social security fund Medium https://aon.io/3uZ2MKm
Uzbekistan October 2022 Taxation / Social security change Minimum contribution amount for social tax Medium https://aon.io/3Cbazs2


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