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LATAM Retirement Legislative Updates

Below you will find recent legislative developments from across the LATAM region, with a focus on retirement.

Country Date headerTopicHeadline Expected ImpactRead More
ArgentinaMarch 2023Taxation / Social security changeReduction of social security contributions extendedMediumhttps://aon.io/3G0GK0l
January 2023Taxation / Social security changeReimbursement System for Pensioners, Beneficiaries of Social Plans extendedMediumhttps://aon.io/3ZDEmot
December 2022Pension plan benefitsAdditional income for pensionersMediumhttps://aon.io/3UWumTq
November 2022Social security changeIncrease in pension amountMediumhttps://aon.io/3Uz2TI0
September 2022Social security changeReduction of social security contributions paid by employers in health care sectorMediumhttps://aon.io/3xWj2hD
September 2022Social security changeNew gross monthly minimum and maximum salaries for calculating employees' social security contributionsMediumhttps://aon.io/3dg2JFh
July 2022Social security changeReduction of social security contributions paid by employersMediumhttps://aon.io/3ofV6AA
July 2022Pension plan benefitsReimbursement system extendedMediumhttps://aon.io/3cqNcS1
June 2022Social security changeEmployee social security contributionMediumhttps://aon.io/3n2pm1g
BrazilFebruary 2023Social security changeNew pension contribution tableMediumhttps://aon.io/3YvZL1T
February 2023Taxation / Social security changeReadjustment of benefits paid by the National Institute of Social Security (INSS)Mediumhttps://aon.io/3JvFynV
December 2022Taxation / Social security changeGeneral rules for social security taxation and collection of social contributionsHighhttps://aon.io/3UBYjIz
August 2022Taxation / Social security changeProposal for a new rule on supplementary pensionsMediumhttps://aon.io/3dR2Iay
April 2022Pension plan benefitsTransfer of benefit plan managementMediumhttps://aon.io/3x4Ckl8
April 2022State pension reformRegistration of open supplementary pension operationsMediumhttps://aon.io/3NOaJL8
April 2022GovernanceAnnual allowanceMediumhttps://aon.io/3JG7d1Y
ChileMarch 2023State pension reformIncrease in Universal Guaranteed Pension (PGU)Mediumhttps://aon.io/3KfG6hL
ColombiaAugust 2022Taxation / Social security changeBudget reform proposals on pension and employment incomeMediumhttps://aon.io/3PJGUeq
August 2022GovernanceIndependent workers formula for social security contributionsMediumhttps://aon.io/3SWmMs7
Costa RicaFebruary 2023Social security changeReduction in cost in insured benefits for part-time workersMediumhttps://aon.io/3I8sSlY
El SalvadorJanuary 2023State pension reformIntegrated Pension System Law - new pension systemHighhttps://aon.io/3QUQxcn
MexicoDecember 2022Social security changeReforms to the Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS) Law to incorporate the domestic workersMediumhttps://aon.io/3Fuigwh
November 2022GovernanceNew benefits for same-sex couplesMediumhttps://aon.io/3X904PV
PeruJune 2022Pension plan benefitsWithdrawal of private pension fundsMediumhttps://aon.io/3A7Z8lH
UruguayDecember 2022Social security changeProposed amendments to the social security systemMediumhttps://aon.io/3H9ZLyF


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