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North America Retirement Legislative Updates

Below you will find recent legislative developments from across the North America region, with a focus on retirement.

Country Date Topic Headline Expected Impact Read More
Bermuda May 2022 Governance Additional withdrawal from pension fund Medium https://aon.io/3PtdAK5
Canada September 2022 Governance Canadian Association of Pension Supervisory Authorities (CAPSA) Consultation Medium https://aon.io/3UCIann
  September 2022 Governance Employers’ Guide – Payroll Deductions and Remittances Medium https://aon.io/3RZIIBU
  September 2022 Governance Guidance on annuity products Medium https://aon.io/3S3iX3J
  September 2022 Governance Manitoba minimum wage/Ontario pension plan consultation Medium https://aon.io/3RtgzTk
  August 2022 Governance Draft legislation on medical expenses /Final Instruction Guides for Defined Benefit and Contribution Plans Medium https://aon.io/3wpifVy
  August 2022 Governance Draft Regulations Amending Certain Regulations Made Under the Canada Labour Code (Medical Leave with Pay) Medium https://aon.io/3d2ROOP
  July 2022 Governance Canada Labour Standards Regulations Medium https://aon.io/3OjlVyp
  July 2022 Governance Labour Code amendments Medium https://aon.io/3ICkSIM
  June 2022 Governance Canadian Association of Pension Supervisory Authorities (CAPSA) consultation Medium https://aon.io/3HHdlHR
  June 2022 Governance Bill C-22 (Canada Disability Benefit Act)/Alberta’s consultation on legislation for private sector pensions Medium https://aon.io/3zEs849
  June 2022 Governance Consultation on proposed regulations under the Pay Equity Act Medium https://aon.io/3Ny5cro
  May 2022 Governance Income Tax Folios update/Consultation draft of Canadian Association of Pension Supervisory Authorities Guideline No. 3 revisions Medium https://aon.io/3lCnkUL
  May 2022 Governance Guides for submitting applications through the Regulatory Reporting System Medium https://aon.io/38tH620
  May 2022 Governance Budget Implementation Act, 2022/Federal Employment Standards Medium https://aon.io/3smOSkT
  May 2022 Governance Employment Standards/COVID-19 sick leave Medium https://aon.io/3sxvMbZ
  April 2022 Governance Federal Budget/Employment Equity guidelines Medium https://aon.io/3KT6vQt
  April 2022 Governance Minimum Wage/Pay Equity consultation Medium https://aon.io/3x61TCo
United States of America September 2022 Governance Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Issues Notice on Extension of Deadline for Retirement Plans Medium https://aon.io/3AD0nbh
  August 2022 Governance Legal Developments High https://aon.io/3dT9xst
  April 2022 Governance Internal Revenue Service (IRS)Publishes Proposed Regulations on multiple employer plans (MEPs) Medium https://aon.io/37LSHbF
  April 2022 State pension reform House Passes Securing a Strong Retirement Act Medium https://aon.io/3L1nxMq
  May 2022 Governance Legal Developments Medium https://aon.io/3wIhXtG
  June 2022 Governance Notice on Final Revisions for the 2022 Form 5500 Series Annual Return/Report Medium https://aon.io/3xRxBmT


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