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Increasing engagement in pensions

How do you get the most from your pension? And what else do you want from it? For some people a changing world is changing their priorities. Embracing the climate agenda is one of the ways pension providers are improving engagement, especially with younger savers who’ve most to gain from investing in a pension. 

Aon have partneredwith ITN Productions and PensionsEurope to produce a short video featuring Susan Gostick, Chair of BNP Paribas DC Pension Committee, Joanna Sharples, Partner at Aon and Matthew Arends, Head of UK Retirement Policy at Aon, that highlights the need for everyone to engage with retirement savings to enhance their own retirement but also to be able to invest for a better future. 

This video was first aired at the Pensions Europe conference on 9 June, and includes findings from the Aon DC and Financial Wellbeing Member Survey 2021.

To discuss the content of this video in more detail, specifically around engagement with pensions, ESG and sustainability please get in touch.


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