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14 February 2019

Aon Investment Breakfast Series

Is your LDI portfolio still fit for purpose?

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11 April 2019

Aon Investment Breakfast Series

Our 2019 Aon Investment Breakfast Series is designed to help trustees explore investment ideas and opportunities for their pension scheme.

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12 June 2019

Aon Investment Breakfast Series

Our 2019 Aon Investment Breakfast Series is designed to help trustees explore investment ideas and opportunities for their pension scheme.

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30 October 2019

Aon Investment Breakfast Series

Our 2019 Aon Investment Breakfast Series is designed to help trustees explore investment ideas and opportunities for their pension scheme.

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Recent events
31 Oct 2018

Aon Investment Breakfast Series

Costs Transparency: Mission Possible?

Many pension scheme trustees and sponsors can be unaware of the nature and magnitude of the costs they incur in having their assets managed. This is in spite of asset management costs being one of, if not the, largest cost they incur in running their scheme.

This breakfast will explore:

  • The latest developments in cost transparency, in the industry and at Aon
  • Benefits of improved cost transparency and what this means for trustees
  • Next steps for investors

Chair - John Belgrove

Speaker: Neil Smith

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18 July 2018

Aon Investment Outlook Webcast: Multi-factor investing and Responsible Investment

Ruth Williams chaired discussion with Tapan Datta, Andrew Peach and Jennifer O’Neill on ttwo of the hottest trending topics at the moment: responsible investment and multi-factor investing.

In this webcast we present:

  • Some early findings from our Global Responsible Investment Survey. Environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors have risen up the agenda and we will discuss when other pension plans take them into account
  • The exciting development of a multi-factor fund. In our November webcast, 'Globally diversified? What to factor into your analysis' we discussed factor investing and why it presented better returns vs the market cap weighted benchmark. On this webcast we will show you the work we have done with Legal & General to develop a multi-factor fund for our clients
  • Our latest market views from our chief economist, Tapan Datta

Watch the webcast replay here: Investment Outlook July 2018

4 July 2018

Portfolio Prepared

Aon and Portfolio Institutional present ‘Portfolio Prepared’ an afternoon at the luxurious Victorian Bath House in London. This event will deliver educational presentations on the latest investment trends to help institutional investors plan and prepare for challenging markets, followed by an opportunity to network in this wonderful venue.

Speakers include: Naomi L’Estrange, Director, 2020 Trustees and Susan Anyan, Client Director, Capital Cranfield. These accomplished speakers both have 20 years’ experience in pensions and offer interesting insights into the issues affecting pension schemes.

Speakers include: Naomi L’Estrange, Director, 2020 Trustees and Susan Anyan, Client Director, Capital Cranfield alongside specialists from Aon.

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14 June 2018

Aon Investment Breakfast Series

Responsible investing: how much does it matter?

Responsible investing is moving further up the priority agenda for investors. Recent regulatory developments have highlighted that non-financial risks should be considered and may have a meaningful impact on financial performance: this is driving pension scheme trustees to consider integrating responsible investment to meet their investment objectives.

Our investment specialists will explore topical areas within responsible investing including:

  • The drivers of responsible investment
  • The various components of responsible investment including Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) integration and Impact investing
  • Why ESG factors may be significant drivers of future risk and return
  • How you can incorporate ESG into your investment analysis and decision making processes

Chair - John Belgrove

Speaker: Tim Manuel

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12 June 2018

Gearing up for Change Investment Conference

This is an exclusive event for key decision makers of the largest and most complex pension funds and institutions in the UK.

The conference will provide the opportunity to hear directly from Aon’s investment specialists, external asset managers and other key industry figures who will discuss how investors can improve a traditional asset allocation with more niche investment ideas in the current environment.

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3 May 2018

Aon's Investment Training and Networking Event

Trustees and other representatives involved in making investment decisions for defined benefit pension schemes are invited to join us for an afternoon of 'Education and Entertainment' to hear from our experts on a range of topical areas within pension scheme investing and network while enjoying a wine tasting championship.

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19 April 2018

Aon Investment Breakfast Series

Factor Investing – a smarter way to invest?

Our investment specialists will take deep-dive into some of the areas within factor investing including:

  • The benefits of a factor investing approach
  • A look into the ‘factor zoo’ and how we find a ‘true’ factor
  • Which factors we believe to be the most robust
  • Where factor investing fits into equity portfolios
  • How to implement and governance considerations

Chair: John Belgrove

Speakers: George Carvounes & Andy Peach

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23 March
11:00am - 11.45am

Aon Investment Outlook Webcast: Cashflow Management: crunch time?

Ruth Williams chaired discussion with Louis-Paul Hill, Derry Pickford and Oliver Hamilton on the issue of meeting members’ benefits when they fall due and how to mitigate the risks that unpredictable cashflows pose to schemes.

Questions this webcast covers:

  • How should we structure schemes' assets and liabilities in an unpredictable cashflow environment?
  • What assets can be considered Cashflow Driven Investments (CDI)?
  • Are there other investment strategy considerations?

Watch the webcast replay here

22 February 2018

Seeking Returns for your DB Scheme

In the current low return environment that includes lots of political uncertainty, you need to look more carefully to identify areas where you can improve the investment returns for your DB pension scheme. This session will introduce a range of topical ideas including:

  • seeking extra return from your matching assets
  • the benefits of factor-based investing
  • how illiquid can we be
  • the best places to pay for chasing alpha

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2 November 2017

Aon Investment Outlook Webcast: Globally diversified? What to factor in to your analysis.

Ruth Williams chaired discussion with Koray Yesildag, Josh Pyzer and Thomas Stork on the issue of concentration in equity indices, and explore how factor-based investing works and what happens when different factors are combined.

Access the webcast replay here.

27 September

5 October

8:30am - 2pm

Aon DB Investment Conference - New Investment Horizons

Join us for our free half day conferences focused on the investment landscape for DB pension schemes. The conference will offer you a unique opportunity to hear directly from our investment specialists and their latest views on markets and the economy, the potential impact of Brexit, the cost of investing and the latest ways to match your liabilities.

The conferences are open to anyone involved with the management of DB pension schemes. Spaces are limited so please apply early to avoid disappointment.

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19 July 2017

Aon Webinar
FCA Asset Management Market Study

The final report issued by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) as part of its Asset Management Market Study was issued on 28 June. The FCA highlighted a number of key changes it wishes to see from the asset management industry. Ruth Williams chaired discussion with Tim Giles and John Belgrove, exploring the implications for DB pension schemes.

Access the webinar replay here.

5 July 2017

Aon Investment Outlook Webcast
Risks, Regulation and Returns – Navigating tPRs Latest Investment Guidance

Ruth Williams chaired discussion with Tapan Datta and Colin Cartwright on some themes that are pertinent to the latest investment guidance from the Pensions Regulator, in particular equity exposure as a ‘big impact' investment risk and the potential benefits of scenario analysis.

Access the webcast replay here.


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