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Demographic Horizons Webinar

Robust prediction in volatile times

During this webinar Key insights are given by Matt Fletcher, Kishore Ananda and Hannah Cook, who cover:

  • Mortality data – We review the surprising recent mortality data and consider its implications for mortality assumption setting and risk settlement
  • Getting a handle on longevity risk – Why is longevity risk so often understated by experts and non-experts alike? We take a look at what the data says – including analysing companies’ own reporting – and consider how best to understand longevity risk
  • Is the longevity market reaching its capacity? – Longevity swap volumes have fallen slightly in recent years, but there is a huge pipeline of swap transactions and the reinsurers – which is where the longevity risk ends up – are hugely resource-constrained. We review how to get insurers to prioritise your transaction and consider the implications for future market capacity

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Risk Settlement

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