Company Overview

Company Overview


Aon began its operation in Vietnam since 1994. Today, with over 100 qualified professionals in Ha Noi and Ho Chi Minh city offices, Aon Vietnam is the leading service provider in insurance and reinsurance brokerage, risk management and employee benefits consulting in Vietnam.

Aon is the leading risk and insurance advisor and broker in the world. We have the most extensive office footprint in the industry, an exclusive network of owned broking centers of excellence, and an unsurpassed range of industry knowledge and expertise. Tapping into our global network and service strength, Aon Vietnam leverages its extensive local experience to help safeguard and advance our clients’ business. Over the years, Aon Vietnam has contributed significantly to our customers in minimising their total cost of risk and insurance, and protecting their assets, people, profitability, and the integrity of their brand name.

Aon’s operation in Vietnam comprises Commercial Risk Solutions, which provides multifaceted retail brokering and risk management services and Reinsurance Solutions, for reinsurance intermediary and capital advisory services.

Our extensive client portfolio includes leading international and local corporations, regulatory bodies, professional associations, as well as small and medium enterprises. Regardless of your size, industry sector, geography, or circumstance, Aon Vietnam is dedicated to providing you with distinctive value and superior services.

To help our clients manage risks effectively, Aon Vietnam offers a wide range of insurance services and creative risk transfer solutions including:

  • Risk identification and evaluation

  • Insurance programme design, audit and management

  • Insurance and reinsurance brokerage

  • Efficient claims support

  • Specific solutions for specialised, more complex risks.


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