Aon Affinity

Aon Affinity

Aon Affinity creates opportunities for organisations to offer valued insurance solutions to their customers and members while developing additional revenue streams, opportunities and competitive differentiation.

Our sales & marketing insurance experts work together to understand your customers’ needs and develop total insurance solutions that provide ultimate customer satisfaction. Additionally, Aon Affinity Solutions acts as an advocate for you and your customers, managing relationships with underwriters to ensure you get the best prices and terms and that claims are handled fairly and quickly.

Aon Affinity Programmes

Aon develops and manages affinity programmes for:

  • Financial services - insurance for banks and credit card customers

  • Retail companies - insurance for customers of supermarkets, department stores, online retailers, airline companies, auto dealers and manufacturers, electronics companies

  • Utility companies - insurance for customers of electricity and gas companies

  • Telecommunication - insurance for customers of telecom operators and cable companies

  • Employers - voluntary benefits for employees

  • Associations - insurance for professionals, including doctors, nurses, accountants, attorneys, contractors, etc.

Programme for Automobile Dealerships

Aon works with motor dealerships to provide value propositions to enhance our client’s service offerings and create customers satisfaction in every step of the vehicle ownership process. We have developed strategic partnerships with major insurance companies to support our propositions and aim to continue providing innovative solutions to ensure our clients stay competitive in their service offerings to their customers.

Our knowledge and experience in managing schemes for automobile dealership is extensive. Our programmes include comprehensive motor insurance schemes and extended warranty for vehicles sold by our clients.

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