Credit Solutions

Credit Solutions


Current economic conditions have increased pressure on companies trading on credit terms. With continuing concerns over the impact of unexpected levels of bad debt, companies need to fully understand their credit risk profile and ensure they have sufficient balance sheet and cash flow protection. Strong and effective credit risk management is essential to protect and promote business growth.

For companies with branches or subsidiaries in different regional locations or countries, there is the added risk that inconsistent credit management procedures can lead to a lack of awareness of your overall exposure to customer failures or politically unstable markets.

Aon Credit Solutions is the solution that Aon offers to companies that have to deal with the challenges described above.

Delivering Value


Aon’s market leading Credit Solutions team offers objective advice in respect of credit insurance solutions. We have extensive technical expertise on credit risk evaluation and the design, placement and servicing of credit insurance policies.

Credit insurance covers the risk of non-payment of trade debt. Protection for political and pre-credit risk can also be added giving you the confidence to trade on credit terms in uncertain economic times.


Benefits of Credit Solutions

  • Protects your profit & loss account and balance sheet against non-payment risk
  • Facilitates access to competitive finance and working capital from the banking market
  • Underpins your credit management function and supports corporate governance best practice
  • Gives security in new markets allowing exporters to grow their business
  • Provides invaluable customer insight based on up to date company and economic analysis from credit risk specialists.

Our Services


We offer a “one-stop-shop” for all your credit risk protection needs – irrespective of your business size or sector. These include:

  • Credit insurance for all sizes of business
  • Captive management
  • Surety and guarantee solutions
  • Political risk insurance cover
  • Bond support
  • Top-up cover
  • Customer insight and information.


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