Aon Marine Vietnam forms part of a broader team of some 30 highly experienced full time marine insurance professionals, who are in turn part of a global team numbering more than 600 spread across 50 countries. Partnering with Aon guarantees a deep understanding of your local and global needs. Aon Marine in Asia delivers tailored marine solutions to some of the region’s largest ship-owners, shipyards, ports and terminals, manufacturers, traders and major construction projects. Whatever the risk Aon can provide expert advice along with a proven track record in risk management, placement and claims handling.

Aon Marine negotiates from a position of global strength, Aon’s global marine team places in excess of USD 2B of marine premiums into the global insurance markets. This includes more than USD 300M of mutual and fixed premium into the P&I markets, making Aon the world’s leading P&I broker and consultant.

This volume base allows significant leveraging utilising sophisticated models and analytics tools which enable Aon to accurately analyse our clients approach to risk in order to:

  • Provide competitive premiums by identifying the optimum market conditions through GRIP (Global Risk Insight Platform), our unmatched and unique market intelligence platform

  • Provide accurate and current benchmarking against your peers

  • Ensure our clients achieve the optimum balance between risk retention and transfer.

We handle all classes of marine business for a varied client base ranging from single vessel owners to port and terminal operators.

Our risk management consulting work includes, but not limited to:

  • Hull and Machinery

  • Protection and indemnity (ship-owners, characters and shipping professionals)

  • War Risks

  • Other Ship-owner's Liability

  • Trade Disruption

  • Loss of Hire and other income protection

  • Ship Buider's Risk and Insurance for Buyers

  • Tailor-made products for marine projects

  • Loss Prevention

  • Claim Consultant Service

General Property and Liability Insurance for Maritime and Maritime related Industries include:

  • Container/ Multi-modal

  • Cargo Exposures

  • Oil and product tankers

  • Freight Forwarder 

  • Cruise/ Passenger/ Yatchs and Pleasure Crafts

  • Fishing vessels

  • Tugs and Barges 

  • Construction (onshore and offshore)

  • Shore Side operation (Ports, Terminals, and other Marube Facilities)

  • Crew Personal Accident Cover/ Passenger Personal Accident Cover 

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