Property Risk Control

Property Risk Control

Vietnam’s Risk Control and Engineering group is able to provide specialist advice to help you minimise the frequency and the consequence of a loss. Be it a property, liability, or natural hazard peril, we can help you identify risks and provide practical advice to mitigate and control these risks.

We have a dedicated team of HPR property consultants with extensive experience in their fields and draw upon global best practice to deliver comprehensive risk control and engineering services.

  • Full and Comprehensive Risk Reports - Our Clients receive comprehensive reports that contain full risk information to assist them in better understanding their risks.

  • Enhanced Underwriting Information - Our comprehensive reports help our clients to secure the most competitive insurance terms by presenting independent and complete underwriting information.

  • Construction All Risk Reports - We can assist to mitigate the hazards at a construction site with our Construction All Risk surveys to the project site. The associated reports will provide valuable information to the client and/or insurer on potential issues and practical recommendations for improvements on construction, fire protection, site safety and security, etc.

  • Insurance Programme Continuity - Our consultants can work alongside the lead insurer’s engineer, however by appointing an Aon Risk Control and Engineering consultant, our clients have the flexibility to change lead insurer without any loss of intellectual property or concerns about continuity.

  • Design Reviews - Our consultants can assist with pre-construction design and review, including fire protection. We have experience and knowledge of internationally recognised codes including Factory Mutual Data Sheets and NFPA, as well as Vietnam standards.

  • Development of Human Element Tools - We can work with you to develop recommended best practice programmes for "human element" type policies, including: hot work permit systems, fire protection maintenance and supervision practices, impairment handling systems, and more.

  • Fire Protection Equipment Commissioning/Testing - Our team can assist with the commissioning and testing of fire protection equipment on site with the contractors. We can help to ensure that testing is conducted in a manner as to meet the necessary code requirements.

  • Risk Workshops & Training - We can provide on-site training and workshops for employees.

  • Tailored Engineering Services - We can tailor our services to meet the specific requirements of each individual client.

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