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Introducing the benefits platform for the future

Award-winning Bigblue is the ultimate benefits platform. Revolutionising the way employees access and interact with their benefits, Bigblue combines employee benefits, workplace savings, personal finances and robo-advice like never before.

Bigblue Touch - A revolutionary new pension product from Aon

Introducing the latest and most exciting addition to the Bigblue family. An engaging and interactive way for your employees to carve their future financial path.

The future of workplace savings at your fingertips. Find out more now.

About Bigblue

Using single sign on technology, Bigblue combines our existing market-leading online benefit offerings, including flexible benefits, voluntary benefits, online benefits dashboard, pension, and auto-enrolment, with our brand new money module, into one overriding branded platform.

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Why Bigblue?

  • Access all benefits in one place
  • No need for employees to remember multiple passwords
  • HR reporting function
  • Bespoke to your company
  • Fully secure site for each employee

Bigblue has been designed to be a fully tailored solution for employers. We can also work with your providers to seamlessly integrate their platforms into Bigblue with single sign on technology. You choose the benefits you want and we plug them into Bigblue to create a completely secure, flexible and unique platform for your organisation. The site is bespoke to you, including content, links, logos and communications, and can grow and develop as your benefits strategy evolves. In addition, the reporting functionality within Bigblue means you can keep track of staff engagement and usage statistics, meaning you see return on investment on the benefits you offer to staff. We also provide benchmarking so you can compare the performance of your employee benefits package against others, governance, and e-broking to ensure you're getting a consistent, transparent and competitive market review regularly.

To be part of the growing number of clients benefiting from this revolutionary technology, contact us today for a demo by emailing letstalkbenefits@aon.co.uk or call our friendly team on 0344 573 0033.

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