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If you'd like to know how your employee benefits strategy stacks up against your competitors, if you have a challenge - or if you'd simply like some fresh ideas - our strategic benefits consultants have the tools, experience, and data to help.

Every day, our strategic benefits consultants work alongside senior leaders at organisations across a breadth of sectors, and help them to solve their key employee benefits challenges.

Each one brings at least ten years' strategic benefits experience- as well as the data, benchmarking methods and unbiased, external point of view needed to give an honest appraisal of your strategy. It's usually the start of a long, mutually beneficial relationship.

We take a holistic view, drawing upon the full breadth of Aon's employee benefits expertise: pensions; health, wellbeing and risk; flexible and online benefits and communications.

We can help with:

  • Benchmarking your scheme against your competitors and best practice
  • Suggesting and assessing new ideas, and the feasibility of potential changes
  • Auditing your benefits strategy and governance - including compliance issues
  • Strategies to deal with Merger and Acquisitions (including divestitures)
  • Measuring Return on Investment of a total rewards package, against corporate priorities

We're happy to give you an unbiased review of any strategy, whether your employee benefits package is provided by Aon, or someone else.

Benchmarking and Benefit Score Academy

We are one of the largest benefit consultancies in the UK - and that means we have extremely comprehensive data to draw upon, to spot trends and understand which approaches work for which demographics.

But it also gives us a basis to benchmark your benefits offering. In particular, our Benefit Score methodology gives you a clear, unambiguous number to work with - making it easy to compare your strategy, and spot ways to get a better return on your objectives.

We know you have no shortage of potential advisors. We'll work hard to justify a seat at your table - and give you real, measurable results. Email us on letstalkbenefits@aon.co.uk, or call 0344 573 0033.

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