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Pension scheme de-risking - a practical guide

Getting your pensions schemes in order

De-risking is an issue for many schemes. Our 2012 Survey found that over 80% of UK pension schemes with assets up to £500m are closed to new entrants. 40% have also closed to all accrual. Closed DB schemes like these will increase in maturity over time and scheme sponsors and trustees will naturally consider their plans for reducing scheme risk.

De-risking will not happen automatically, though. The best de-risking plans will need to take account of among other considerations a wide range of potential positive and negative scenarios.

Scheme decision makers will need to take steps towards setting the funding target, determining and adjusting the flight plan, incorporating both asset and liability de-risking and ensuring that a robust operating model is in place.

Our experienced de-risking pension consultants work closely with our clients to understand their objectives and design innovative, practical solutions to deliver maximum impact.

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