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Intellectual Property Solutions


Redefining the Business of IP

Investment in intellectual property has changed the global landscape across industries and regions. Many companies, however, have been slow to adopt new approaches to managing and valuing their intellectual property portfolios in a manner that fully captures value.

Intellectual Property Solutions help clients protect and maximize their most valuable asset in today’s business world—their intellectual property. Aon brings the best minds and strong analytical tools to provide a comprehensive approach to intellectual property strategy, valuation, and risk management across a client’s business.

Intellectual Property Strategy

We work with you to enhance enterprise value by creating an IP-based value creation strategy that aligns with your business strategy, and we help you communicate that enhanced value to investors. Whether your firm is anticipating acquisition activity, raising capital, preparing for an IPO or evaluating other market-driven events, we develop value capture programs designed to optimize your IP’s contribution to the event’s success.

Risk Assessment

From assessing the likelihood and potential impact of 3rd-party claims, to analyzing potential loss of IP and its financial toll on your business, to understanding the competitive IP landscape, we provide a full range of risk management solutions to secure your intellectual property portfolio. Our Risk Management services include:

  • Patent portfolio quality assessment
  • Competitive IP landscape analysis
  • Patent asset benchmark analysis
  • Deep dive assessment and relative valuation of IP portfolios of M&A targets
  • Third-party intellectual property claims assessment

Intellectual Property Valuation

Leveraging a proprietary analytics platform, we assess and value your intellectual property portfolio in an accurate and timely manner to support a variety of capital management efforts, including IP-backed financing, risk transfer strategies, and IP asset monetization strategies. Aon can:

  • Analyze current intellectual property valuation, including applying a deep qualitative understanding to the assets to develop cost, market, and income valuation models
  • Support efforts to obtain financing from traditional and alternative lenders

Source Code Diligence

Buying a software company represents unique risks around the source code being purchased. Through a rigorous process, Aon examines your target’s source code to help identify red flags around source code ownership, quality and vulnerability. Aon can also help you assess your target’s software developers by evaluating the quality and quantity of the each developer’s work product.