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Aon Global Risk Consulting - AGRC

Aon Global Risk Consulting - AGRC

AGRC is one of the world's leading providers of risk finance consulting and structuring with operations in Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Germany, France, UK, Switzerland, Scandinavia and the US. We are specialized in the domains hereunder, which

Enterprise Risk Management (ERM)

We define ERM as: "the proactive execution of a senior management sponsored, entity-wide strategic process of assessing and responding to the collective risks that impact an organisation's ability to maximise stakeholder value."

Actuarial & Analytical (A&A)

Through our experienced team of analytical and actuarial specialists, we provide a broad range of risk quantification services to medium and large corporate clients and captives, and have earned the reputation as one of the leading service providers in this field.

Risk Finance Consulting and Alternative Risk Finance (RF)

Our Risk Finance Consulting practice is focused on achieving an optimal structure for the financing of risk based on a client's profile and objectives

Our solutions

We developed a wide range of consulting services focused on insurance and reinsurances matters for our clients, including :
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