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Japan Group

The unique situation of Japanese companies in Belgium requires a unique approach. Aon’s specialized Japan Group delivers tailor-made, innovative and integrated solutions in insurance and risk management to multi-national Japanese companies of all sizes, in every industry and location. Our service team of both local staffs and Japanese resources consists of seasoned insurance and risk management professionals fluent in language and Japanese business practice.

Expertise & Knowledge
With a presence of more that 50 years in Japan and a market share in excess of 50 % throughout Europe, Aon is the largest provider of insurance and risk management services to Japanese companies. This unique position results from our local knowledge and expertise and allows Aon to use its buying power in the benefit of its clients in order to obtain the best conditions and pricing.

Network & Information technology
Through its fully owned Global Network, Aon is strongly positioned to develop International Insurance Programs for Japanese companies worldwide. Local services can be provided in each country where you are present. At the same time Aon’s state-of-the-art e-tools provide clients a holistic view on their risk data throughout their entire situation with one single button.

Excellent Relationship with both Japanese and Local Insurers
Aon’s Japan Group understands better than any other broker the privileged position of the Japanese Insurers and their relationship with the Headquarters in Japan. As such we have created an excellent relationship with all Japanese Insurers and of course with local Insurers in order to provide the best available services and conditions at all times.

By listening harder to our clients’ needs and by making a profound analysis of risks, Aon understands the unique risks of each company better and as such provides solutions to achieve your business goals in a close long-term partnership.