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Health & Benefits

Health & Benefits

More and more companies add to their salary package a free hospitalisation insurance and an additional working incapacity cover. However, insurances differ. An employer is faced with many questions when starting a plan or reviewing an existing plan:

  • Are all risks covered?
  • Are there any restrictions in the terms and conditions of the insurer?
  • How can I, as an employer, manage future premium increases?
  • Are there other financing methods?
  • What is a typical plan in the market?
  • Who informs me of relevant changes in legislation?
  • Etc...

As an independent broker / consultant, we can respond to all these questions. In addition, we analyse the questions behind the questions in order to clearly understand your needs. Given our years of experience as a leading consultant, we can assist you in this regard. Thanks to our leading market position, we can also negotiate competitive rates with insurers.

By relying on us, you are sure you have a competitive and valuable employee benefits package, enabling you to attract and retain the right talent in the market. After all, In the future, your employees will make the difference.

Services and Solutions

  • Health care benefits (health, dental, Vision, etc.) program development and management
  • Absence, disability and leave management
  • Actuarial
  • Compliance
  • Claim audits
  • Global coverage

Planning and Strategy

  • Strategic planning session
  • Employee and executive data gathering
  • Benchmarking
  • Provider quality analysis

Design and Pricing

  • Vendor renewals/selecting RFP’s and negotiation
  • Benefit design and cost modelling

Execution and Delivery

  • Communication strategy planning

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