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Risk Services

Risk Services

You rightly expect from an advisor that he not only knows everything about his own professional field, but that he is also aware of the problems and developments you are confronted with.
You expect a partner who offers you real solutions for your increasingly complex risk management problems. The condition, however, is that that partner has the most modern insights and experiences directly applicable in the field. Aon meets all these requirements through important investments in certain areas.

First of all, we invest a lot of energy in new developments. Aon is also organized internally around market segments. This means that each market segment is linked to specialists with the most divergent insurance disciplines who, besides professional knowhow, also have expertise in your line of business. We, as an international enterprise, can also count on specialized knowhow spread all over the world within Aon. This knowledge can be readily accessed through advanced IT-structure, internally developed customer applications and our worldwide network.

Aon Global Risk Consulting - AGRC

AGRC is one of the world’s leading providers of risk finance consulting and structuring with operations in Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Germany, France, UK, Switzerland, Scandinavia and the US.

Work Accidents

Aon does not approach the risk work accidents in a traditional manner. To this extent Aon developed its own methodology based on a "financial approach" of the risk work accidents.

Claims Consulting

Our claims consulting professionals assist in the pre- and post-loss design and implementation of strategies that reduce the financial impact of events. Extending significantly beyond the traditional scope of broker claims support, Aon has developed a range of solutions that contribute to casualty and property risk management programs.

Aon Construction

Aon Construction is a team of specialists solely focused on the needs of the construction industry. Due to our wide experience and knowledge of risk related to construction projects, large or small, we are a trustworthy partner in the management of your risks.

Executive Risks

As a manager of an enterprise you are exposed to considerable risks. This exposure does not only extend to the company’s capital, but also to your personal assets. You can be held personally liable for improper management, even if mistakes were not made by you personally, but by your co-managers. The D&O Insurance will assist you if this were to happen.

Japan Group

The unique situation of Japanese companies in Belgium requires a unique approach. Aon’s specialized Japan Group delivers tailor-made, innovative and integrated solutions in insurance and risk management to multi-national Japanese companies of all sizes, in every industry and location. Our service team of both local staffs and Japanese resources consists of seasoned insurance and risk management professionals fluent in language and Japanese business practice.

Liability Insurance

The number of claims against companies has drastically increased over the past few years. A so-called claim culture is increasingly prevalent. Also, the amounts of the damage claims are clearly mounting.

Vehicle insurance management

Our motor department offers a wide range of services tailored to our client needs with innovative risk management tools for small, medium and large fleets in an insurance environment ranging from traditional risk transfer solutions to full self insurance.

Property Damage & Business Interruption

In order to protect your assets and balance sheet, Aon offers standard as well as tailor-made property damage and business interruption programs.

Credit Insurance: commercial and political risks

CRiON is in AON Belgium the broker-consultant specialized in insuring credit risks both commercially and politically. We provide for the credit insurance which best suits your needs. We also help you to manage it in the most efficient way. In order to be able to recommend you the best credit insurance we continuously monitor the offers of credit insurers worldwide. We compare their policy conditions and screen their services.

Aon Affinity

Aon Affinity Belgium is a specialist in customization for individuals and small to medium companies who are advised by their bank, their employer, their federation or the store where they frequently shop, to buy insurance in accordance with their needs. As such we insure professional customers of ING, the teachers of the Flemish Community, the Federal officials, the members of the Rotary club, etc.

Setting the Standard for Global Risk Management

Effective insurance protection and seamless global service is essential for organizations operating on an international scale. Risks related to business, politics and economics are escalated by language barriers, cultural challenges and complex government regulations. To maintain a competitive advantage and continue to grow, you must be able to negotiate effectively, obtain optimum terms and pricing and minimize earnings volatility overseas. Aon has the resources, technology and solutions to help drive your organization to the next level.

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