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Aon Affinity

What are we doing?

Aon Affinity Belgium is a specialist in customization for individuals and small to medium companies who are advised by their bank, their employer, their federation or the store where they frequently shop, to buy insurance in accordance with their needs.

As such we insure professional customers of ING, the teachers of the Flemish Community, the Federal officials, the members of the Rotary club, etc.


We offer 'classic' products, such as car and fire insurance, but also venture to be the first ones to launch new products: the tire insurance, Kidsplan, Eternal, ...

Discover our tailormade packages on,, and


We realize that today’s youth will be the customers of the future and that we need to be up to speed with what is happening online.

Therefore we offer our products primarily online with the possibility for the end customer to shop in our insurance shop and simply underwrite a policy.


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