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Executive Compensation

The executive compensation and corporate governance landscape is in the midst of great change — and companies need to receive thoughtful, unbiased counsel. At Aon, our team of executive pay consultants provides just that — expert independent counsel to Boards of Directors and their Compensation Committees. We help Boards make informed decisions on complex executive compensation issues.

Aon helps clients establish sound corporate governance practices and design effective executive pay programs by combining our deep experience with proprietary compensation data. We help our clients design, manage and monitor executive pay programs that make good sense, drive the right behaviours, are cost effective and contribute to long-term business results while appropriately managing risk. Our core areas of expertise include:

  • Corporate governance. We advise clients on sound corporate governance principles pertaining primarily to executive compensation issues. Sound corporate governance policies are essential — they provide corporate Boards with the framework they need to make effective and defensible pay decisions.
  • Executive compensation philosophy and program design. We assist our clients in developing an executive compensation philosophy based upon principles that reward sustained long-term corporate performance. In turn, we help clients design compensation programs consistent with their pay philosophy and supportive of their business strategy. Ultimately, the goal of well designed compensation programs is to improve business results by rewarding executives for achieving well-defined and appropriate performance goals.
  • Executive compensation analysis. Our Total Compensation Measurement™ data is used by more than 50 percent of the FORTUNE 500. This global proprietary information helps us perform important comparisons to corporate peers in the areas of base salary, annual bonus, long-term incentives and benefits.
  • Technical support. We keep clients apprised of the latest regulatory developments and help them understand the impact of those regulations (e.g., tax laws, accounting standards, disclosure rules, exchange listing requirements and corporate governance practices) on the design and operation of their compensation plans.

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