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Risk Finance Consulting and Alternative Risk Finance (RF)

Risk Finance Consulting and Alternative Risk Finance (RF)

Our Risk Finance Consulting practice is focused on achieving an optimal structure for the financing of risk based on a client’s profile and objectives, which can include reduced cost of risk, more manageable volatility, enhanced capital returns or increased operational efficiency. This incorporates multiple disciplines and brings together all areas on the risk-consulting spectrum including the taxation, accounting and corporate governance environment as well as a client’s own internal operating requirements.

We advise on the optimal insurance programme and most efficient means of financing retained risk. This is reviewed within the context of a client’s risk tolerance and the risk transfer marketplace to achieve the optimal balance of risk retention and transfer. We consider all the financing options for exposures and can implement the chosen structures and strategies. This may involve the creation or amendment of a captive insurance vehicle, a customised insurance arrangement or an internal financing mechanism.

In providing solutions, we aim to ensure that clients reduce their risk exposure through creative solutions that are not only cost-effective, but also incorporate creative use of capital and other resources, such as access to reinsurance markets and specialised insurance vehicles.

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