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Directors & Officers Liability

Directors & Officers Liability

As a manager of an enterprise you are exposed to considerable risks. This exposure does not only extend to the company’s capital, but also to your personal assets. You can be held personally liable for improper management, even if mistakes were not made by you personally, but by your co-managers. The D&O Insurance will assist you if this were to happen.

Shareholders, employees, the authorities or customers can file a claim against you as a manager if they believe there has been improper management. You are jointly liable for the actions of the entire board, even if you were not involved in the acts. For instance, if insufficient taxes were paid, or if the annual report contains misleading representations with respect to the state of the enterprise. In het worst-case scenario, your personal assets will be confiscated. With the D&O Insurance Aon offers financial security for managers and officers.

Complete coverage

Once a claim has been filed against you, you have to defend yourself. This can be a long and expensive process. D&O Insurance indemnifies not only the claim, but also the defense costs, whether the claim is granted or not.

Customized coverage

D&O covers all individuals who perform managerial tasks. You decide the maximum amount of coverage. Aon will assist you with a team of experts who perform a risk scan en who will search for that insurance solution that fits your company.

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