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Enterprise Risk Management (ERM)

Enterprise Risk Management (ERM)

We define ERM as: “the proactive execution of a senior management sponsored, entity-wide strategic process of assessing and responding to the collective risks that impact an organisation’s ability to maximise stakeholder value.”

ERM enables organisations to link their risk management strategy to their overall business strategy, and it allows an organisation to embed risk management into existing business processes in a cross-functional manner.

The success of an ERM initiative depends on top-level support, clearly understood goals and definitions, and a well-defined project management plan. Our consultants help you meet these objectives by applying our ERM methodology, which includes risk assessment, quantification, solutions and infrastructure development.

Our practical approach, innovative solutions and strategic thinking demonstrate that we understand there is no ‘one size fits all’ ERM solution. The many benefits of this approach include improved capital allocation, consistent financial metrics and evaluation, operational efficiency and a roadmap for regulatory reporting.

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