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Employment Practices Liability (EPL)

It could happen to you: a claim from your employee based on sexual harassment, age discrimination or the termination of an employment contract. Companies in the United States and Europe have noticed an enormous increase in these types of claims. The damage amounts can be so high that they can endanger the continuity of your organization. Employment Practices Liability-insurance (EPL) covers the claims and legal defense costs for these delicate matters.

Complete coverage

With EPL-insurance, you, as a financial institution, are covered for the claim as well as the legal defense costs. In The Netherlands insurance policies can be taken out with a worldwide coverage. This means that foreign subsidiaries, including in the United State, are covered.

Smart Addition

EPL-insurance covers damages that result from the emotional or mental condition of an employee as the result of, for instance, discrimination or sexual harassment. The EPL-insurance is a smart addition to your insurance package. The standard liability insurance only covers damages to property and from injuries. Also, D&O Liability Insurance often does not provide a way out, since it is mostly the corporation that will be sued and not the directors and officers personally.

Custom made coverage

The insurance can be totally customized to the wishes of your company. You will obtain your own team of specialists at Financial Institutions Benelux, who will, together with your account manager, provide an insight in your risks. Thereafter the team will supply a creative and tailored insurance solution.

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