Internationale Kreditversicherungsprogramme

Credit insurance: international programmes for businesses on the global stage

Globalisation is the buzzword of our time. People and companies are working ever more closely together in the international arena. This has led to a huge increase in demand for global insurance solutions. In particular, companies are looking for credit insurance solutions that meet a host of international compliance guidelines.

International credit insurance programmes to protect companies from the risk of default, with conditions of insurance tailored in line with companies’ economic and political risks – and on attractive terms, thanks to a host of synergies.

Main advantages

  • Reduced costs thanks to global pooling of insurance service purchasing (lower premium rates and charges, optimised retention structure)
  • Greater transparency and global standardisation of credit management processes. Local flexibility and P&L responsibility maintained. Individual market practices (e.g. payment terms) taken into account
  • Standardised global conditions of insurance when structuring international credit insurance programmes (unless country-specific compliance requirements determine otherwise)
  • Global reporting and monitoring of performance of policies and credit management, with possibility of fine-tuning through premium refunds (at local level or centrally)
  • Simple, globally standardised communication with the insurer using web-based tools (also enabling identification of accumulation risks)
  • Global network of local points of contact for insurers and Aon, meaning that correspondence can be conducted in the local language (local service, central coordination)