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Are you putting the right policies, attitudes and actions in place to foster resilience in your workforce?

In the wake of the global pandemic, ‘wellbeing’ has taken on a new focus. While health and wellbeing programs are nothing new to employers, our research shows that many employers struggle to ensure their programs are effective at building resilience in their workforce.

Critical to fostering resilience is not only a well-rounded approach to the initiatives you deliver, but a culture of health and wellbeing that must exist throughout the business. This starts with support and clarity from leadership who make it a priority, and continues through to the dialogue you have with your workforce

In a world of work that has been turned upside down by the COVID-19 crisis, ensuring that your people strategy enables employees to adapt to change, maintain motivation and face adversity now and in the future is imperative to business success. Wellbeing is not just a nice to have, it can be the difference between surviving and thriving.

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Our short self-assessment survey provides you with an immediate indication as to whether your workforce is likely to be resilient.

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