Aon takes part in the PARIMA Event - 16 - 17 November 2015

The Parima Conference (Pan-Asia Risk and Insurance Management Association) was held in Suntec Convention Centre on 16-17 November and Aon was a proud Platinum Sponsor along with AIG and QBE.

Aon has had the chance to showcase the wealth of research materials, depth of knowledge and relevancy in the risk management industry such as our 2015 Global Risk Management Survey, Underrated Threats Report and Cyber Impact Report, amongst others. We also had a chance to meet with leading journalists, potential prospects and many happy current clients.

Our Regional Marketing Team as well as the local Sales and Marketing Team enjoyed a premium sized booth facing the grand entrance of the conference.

Aon has also made 2 appearances in the conference circuit with:

  • *View from the Bridge - Risk Manager Survey* by our highly articulate and charismatic speaker, Jason Disborough, Managing Director, Aon Australia.

    A key point in his presentation is how we can use the Aon's risk maturity index to assess an organisation's risk awareness level and articulate it to board members and senior staff.

  • *Risk Management Innovation* was presented by our highly regarded and forward-thinking Stephen Cross, Aon's Chief Innovation Officer, who chaired a panel with Keith Thomas (Zurich), Marc Breuill (BHS) and Franck Baron (PARIMA).

    In his most excellent presentation, he shared that organisations must embrace change and eliminate innovation disablers. To paraphrase, even our clients are changing, and we must to embrace innovation to be relevant. After all, ultimately it is the customers who decide who stays in the industry.

    He has also shared that in the drive to embrace the utopic vision of a hyper-connected world where “the internet is the spinal cord of the economy”, not enough firms are prepared for a day when internet is down – also termed an eventual ‘digital ice-age’. The presentation certainly left a lot, and a lasting impression, for Risk Professionals and Corporate Clients to ruminate upon.

We have had great support from all our Aon staff (both Singapore, Regionally and Globally) in this event and many guests to the booth enjoyed our Spinelli’s coffee and the general ambience and good cheer in our booth. After all, whenever Risk and People are discussed, Aon is always there.

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