Environmental Services Group

Environmental Services Group

All companies are subject to the costs and liabilities of environmental exposures, even those that are not directly involved with hazardous materials. Risk managers in virtually every industry must proactively analyse environmental risk issues to determine vulnerabilities.

Aon can provide you with the specialised expertise needed to understand your exposure and how it impacts your financial objectives. We have developed risk modeling solutions for the largest and most complex environmental placements, drawing on experience in environmental law, remediation and risk management.

Our team also helps clients develop sustainability platforms and initiatives that include carbon emissions, carbon footprinting, carbon credit verification and other related greenhouse gas and global warming topics.

Customised Environmental Risk Analysis

Aon’s Environmental Risk Services Group can analyse, quantify, mitigate and transfer your company’s risks to deliver coverage tailored to your business. Comprehensive risk analysis of your potential environmental exposures can identify at-risk operations, liabilities assumed or discharged at purchase or sale, regulatory compliance and potential remediation.

Environmental Risk Modeling and Management

Our environmental risk analysis tools will determine the frequency and severity of your exposure, including:

  • Site condition uncertainties

  • Third-party toxic tort uncertainties

  • Probabilities modeling techniques

  • Decision tree analysis

  • Monte Carlo risk evaluation

Our risk management programmes can administer your risks moving forward by providing secured creditor coverage, site specific environmental risk modeling, liability buyouts, guidance on federal and state regulations, and environmental education and training.

A Business Guide to the European Union Environmental Liability Directive

With the transposition of the EU Environmental Liability Directive (ELD), operators and companies that cause damage regulated by the ELD have significant and new liabilities for costs, damages and losses. The ELD is an EU wide legislation created "to establish a common framework for the prevention and remedying of environmental damage at a reasonable cost to society…." A number of Member States have already committed to requiring compulsive financial security. To learn more, download our whitepaper.

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