Power Insurance and Risk Management

Power Insurance and Risk Management

The growing global demand for energy coupled with increasing environmental pressures is creating many conflicting challenges for the power and utility sector and leading to a surge in the need for effective power risk management and insurance.

Aon has dedicated power specialists that focus on supporting risk management and insurance needs for our clients in the power generation and utility industries worldwide. We provide comprehensive knowledge of the regulatory, financial, technological, environmental and geographic aspects of global power generation.

Local Knowledge, Global Presence

Our worldwide presence allows us to provide a dedicated local risk management and insurance service for our clients in the power industry, backed up by global power and utility resources and expertise.

The combination of global strength and local knowledge means that we can provide accurate peer benchmarks, gap identification and solutions to achieving best practice, training, development of new markets and capacity to increase competition and minimise cost, create new products and services and control the claims process to ensure fair and swift settlement for our clients in the power industry.

Power Specific Focus

With expertise in all areas of power generation including fossil fuels, sustainable and renewable energy and nuclear power, we help clients identify, manage and mitigate risk exposures cost effectively and efficiently.

By combining our skills with a comprehensive analysis of a client’s risk tolerance, we can provide a clear assessment of the total cost of risk a firm or project faces, and help assist in matching client’s needs with Aon’s products and capabilities.

This may include the development and implementation of bespoke or existing Aon power plant management and safety systems, consultancy and advice, or actual hands-on assistance.

Supporting the Power Project Lifecycle

We offer expert risk management and insurance support throughout the lifecycle of a power project.

Aon is committed to offering innovative power risk management and insurance solutions to the challenges that the industry faces around the world.

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