The Aon-CEA Event: Business Risks and Liabilities - The Asia Perspective Seminar – 25 October 2016

The Aon-CEA Event: Business Risks and Liabilities - The Asia Perspective Seminar – 25 October 2016


Aon Singapore and Aon China Global Solutions have invited members from the Chinese Enterprise Association (CEA) and other guests for this Aon-CEA Event. The presentations are focused on revealing insights about Risks and Liabilities from an Asian Perspective.

We were glad to have a good turnout for the event held in the SGX Building. There were prominent guests from various international companies from all industries. We are also privileged to have some 'face-time' with prominent corporate representatives who are based in Singapore.

Aon Pakistan CEO, Khurrum Alikhan shared about the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor. We also have Jeremy Ng from Aon Transactional Liability presenting finer points of managing transactional risks inherent in big acquisition deals. Daniel Bould from Aon Crisis Management gave riveting insights, case studies, and learnings with regards to managing Kidnap, Ransom, and Extortion Risks.

According to the post event survey, almost everyone indicated "very good" on the categories of: richness of content, relevancy of content, and method of delivery.

A guest from the legal sector found that the presentation on Transactional Liability “most important and relevant” to him.

There was a representative from the financial sector who shared that he found Khurram's presentation on the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor highly informative and useful.

Another guest from an international company said that it was the first time she heard about Kidnap, Ransom, and Extortion Insurance and it was very interesting.

It was certainly a good opportunity for Aon Singapore to continue serving the business community in Singapore and delivering insights from our thought-leading expertise in Risk Management.

25 October 2016 – The Aon-CEA Event: Business Risks and Liabilities - The Asia Perspective Seminar

This event is planned by Aon Risk Solutions.

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