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Human Capital Consulting

Human Capital Consulting

Health & Benefit

Aon's Employee Benefits Practice helps clients develop innovative solutions for enhancing their competitiveness in recruiting and retaining valued employees. The stability and success of your business depends greatly on your people, so it is important that your programme is advantageous in the market and valued by your employees. Ultimately, we want to help you achieve the greatest return on investment.

Group Benefit Program

Aon's employee benefits consulting services help organizations with their overall employee benefits strategy. Working with you, we listen to your concerns, lay out the challenge, define the requirements to meet that challenge, and analyze your current plan provisions and issues. We then develop a strategy that closes the gap between what you have and what you need, taking into account the anticipated impact of any change. Finally, we work with you to develop implementation options.

Business Travel Insurance

Aon provides a simple administration and competitive travel scheme to client, and assists clients have a complete coverage and saving the travelling cost.

Retirement / Annuity Plan

Aon provides a wide range of strategic and services and helps clients to design the supplement retirement plans to meet business objectives, including maximizing employee satisfaction while controlling costs.

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