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Risk Consulting Services

Risk Consulting Services

Aon Global Risk Consulting (AGRC) is able to offer a fully integrated range of services from risk identification / assessment, management of risk to risk financing. We can provide our clients with comprehensive tailored solutions, through a consistent global approach.

Underwriting Survey

The Underwriting Report prepared as a result of survey is a means of presenting a good deal of factual information about the physical aspects of the plant, their risk exposures and management systems, as well as MFL/EML/PML calculations. The format is the one that has been acknowledged by Insurers as presenting the key information that they require to provide optimum terms, in a readily assimilated format.

Project Risk Management

The project involves new facilities, operations or processes, or major construction or renovation.

Risk Control Systems

Developing and sustaining risk management processes means that effective day-to-day management and control systems need to be in place. AGRC assists our clients with the design, implementation and performance measurement of effective risk management and control systems.

Health & Safety Consulting

Assists clients in the development and implementation of effective Health & Safety Management Systems and functional evaluation of existing systems. The development of a Health and Safety Management System begins with a formal policy to establish the groundwork for the planning followed by implementation.

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