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Kidnap & Ransom

Kidnap & Ransom

The risk of kidnap is greatest in parts of Latin America, Asia and the Middle East, but incidents happen all over the world and the list of high-risk countries is constantly changing. Kidnappers are predominantly highly organized terrorist or criminal groups, motivated by political aims or, more commonly, pure financial gain. In many countries employees of international organizations are attractive targets due to the high profile and perceived wealth of the organizations they work for.

The impact of a kidnap can be enormous and it is essential that it be handled in the correct way.  It is extremely traumatic for those involved, and an organization dealing with an incident may face huge losses from ransom payments, business interruption, litigation, adverse publicity and long-term damage to reputation.

Our comprehensive solution

Our comprehensive solution helps our clients to reduce their exposure to the threat.  In the event of an incident it provides guaranteed and unlimited access to specialist response consultants. Their advice is crucial to help minimize the impact on human lives and business operations.
Aon provides cover for families and commercial organizations against:

  • kidnap for ransom
  • extortion
  • wrongful or illegal detention
  • hijack

Experience and expertise

Aon specialist team comprises individuals with many years’ experience of kidnap and ransom risk management, including a dedicated in-house claims manager.

We provide our clients with various risk management publications, free of charge. These can be reproduced and distributed to employees and family members where appropriate:

Personal Security Guidelines: tips for people living in or traveling to high-risk environments.

Corporate guide to risk mitigation and response: advice for corporations on dealing effectively with a kidnap, extortion, detention or emergency repatriation – including pre-incident planning, crisis response and media management.

Immediate actions: a guideline for family policy holders on what to do in the event of an incident.  Includes tips on initial response, forming a crisis management committee, the negotiation process and media management.


We make client confidentiality an utmost priority and operate a strict policy of non-disclosure of any client details outside the K&R team.

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