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Heavy Industry

Heavy Industry

Aon’s heavy industry experts offer risk management and broking services to virtually the entire industry, and we can focus on ensuring that you receive coverage that is the most efficient and cost effective in the industry.

Aon Approach

Aon’s team of heavy industry experts collaborate to help identify tailor-made solutions for your specific business needs by a variety of methods including: Self-Insured Retention Analysis, Financial Tolerance Modelling, Supply Chain Risk Identification and Enterprise Risk Management.


The major solutions for heavy industry would be including Property, Liability, CAR, Trade Credit, and Business Interruption. Except the insurance coverage, we also provide prior loss mitigation solutions, i.e. loss prevention service, contractors’ management, etc.

Experienced Service Team

Every member of Aon’s Heavy Industry team has worked for many leading heavy industries. We deliver world-class heavy industry risk management solutions that are consistent with your financial and operational strategies and objectives.

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