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Risk & Services

Risk and Services

Industry Expertise

Effective business risk management services allow you to use your financial and human capital to pursue your vision. Aon applies client-focused business risk management to build insurance solutions to protect your enterprise. Aon’s Global Industry Practice Groups are dedicated exclusively to distinct industries, coordinating Aon risk management resources from around the world and tailoring them for each individual client and its industry needs.

Natural Resources / Energy

A one-dimensional approach to risk management can prevent your company from maximizing returns because of new, hidden risks. Natural Resources risk management allows your organization to efficiently assess and mitigate these challenges.

Aon has the largest group of dedicated natural resources professionals in the industry who understand the unique environments in which natural resource companies operate. Our years of experience, not only in controlling the cost of insurance coverage, but also in minimizing the overall financial impact of exposures inherent to natural resource operations makes us a leader in risk management in this sector.

We act for owners, developers, lenders and contractors involved in this sector: including:

> Power
> Water and sanitation
> Petrochemical

Pharmaceutical / Chemical

The significant costs of research and development, the risks involved in manufacturing and testing, and quickly changing environmental laws are among several factors that combine to present complex financial and operational challenges to the pharmaceutical/chemical industry.
Every member of Aon’s Pharm/Chem team has worked with or for many leading pharmaceutical and chemical companies. We deliver world-class pharmaceutical risk management solutions that are consistent with your financial and operational objectives. No other firm in the world can provide an equivalent depth of experience to assess the unique risks of these industries.

Retail Trade

Aon specializes in providing specialized retail risk management and insurance products and services to retailers around the world. Our experts team with you to assess liability deficiencies and develop coverage solutions that fit your distinct industry need.

Whether you seek to generate revenue by marketing customized retail insurance programs to your customers or wish to purchase retail insurance coverage, Aon’s global capabilities are at your service.

Heavy Industry

Cost-driven managing philosophy has made heavy industries in a much more competitive circumstance, and risk management has been highly emphasized to protect the shareholders’ interest and ensure sucess. Aon Heavy Industry risk management enables you to identify key risks and evaluate solutions to achieve a cost & benefit win-win strategy.


Aon Construction have a professional team of dedicated risk and insurance professionals in Taiwan, specializing in providing risk management and risk transfer insurance solutions to the construction, infrastructure and engineering industries. Acting for owners, developers, financiers, contractors and construction professionals, we have successfully implemented and serviced insurance programs for the majority of the largest construction and engineering projects, as well as annual insurance programmes, in Taiwan.

Transportation / Rails

Aon has a broad range of resources from which to provide our client the service most suitable to your needs.

Our knowledge and expertise in the rail business arises from servicing over 70% of the railway enterprises around the world, understanding the complex and dynamic risk issues they face and allowing us to design and place the optimum insurance programme on behalf of our clients.

Aon Risk Management Process comprises of four phases - Risk Context, Risk Profiling, Risk Solutions and Implementation, and provides a framework for understanding, devising solutions for, and implementing measures to respond to potential risks and crisis situations for railway operation.

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