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Employees want convenience – they engage when they have the time, and that’s not always when they’re on the clock. Simply continuing to provide the same experiences to workers as they have in the past, is likely to fall short in an age where employees as consumers expect instant gratification. Employers now need to be inclusive, and provide employees with the means to access information how they want it and when they want it.

Aon App at your employees’ fingertips

That’s why we’ve developed the Aon app that can be tailored to suit the needs of your employees. Not a mobile responsive site like some others, but a true app that allows your employees access to everything on your existing online platform, in addition to being flexible enough to connect with any employee benefits systems that you want to include. The full transactional capabilities of the Aon app enable your people to do everything from viewing their Total Reward Statements to full benefits enrolment on the go. Your people can select ALL their benefits and make any changes via the app, without needing to log in via desktop. It’s a game changer for on-the-go, anytime benefits access.

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We’ve put your employees experience at the forefront of the apps design, with no URL or passwords to remember to gain access to their employee benefits. Instead, there is secure fingerprint or facial recognition log in for convenience. And once they are in, the embedded Single-Sign-On (SSO) functionality allows your employees to use all of the native features with seamless access to flexible benefits selection, personalised pension information and more.

Push notifications to support benefits engagement

Communication with employees is the top challenge

The ability to notify your workforce about their benefits instantly is invaluable. Using push notifications via the app to communicate to your workforce in real time can help drive engagement.

The obvious use is as a reminder of flexible benefit election windows, but there’s so much more you can achieve through this method of messaging. For example, well-timed communications about a wellbeing awareness week you’re running, informing employees of their total reward (TRS) before a pay review, or a host of other initiatives that support your objectives.

We’ve invested heavily in making our global employee benefits app simple and intuitive to use, regardless of age or digital experience. It makes implementing your strategy and getting your employees engaged and using their staff benefits that much easier. The app is ground-breaking for employee benefits and helps your people value and utilise the benefits you provide to them.

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