United Kingdom


The seminar covers a range of energy exposures for upstream, midstream and downstream, as well as contractors. Topics include:

  1. Control of Well
  2. Onshore and offshore property
  3. Hull
  4. Business interruption
  5. Liabilities
  6. Claims
  7. Selection of limits and retentions including the use of captives and Everen (OIL)

The above are included as part of a case study which follows the process of renewing a corporate insurance programme with the delegate groups working in teams and playing the role of the risk management/insurance team from a fictitious client company. In addition there will be one session where the delegate plays the role of market placing broker which includes a presentation and negotiation meeting with underwriters from the Energy market.

In addition, we include subject-specific sessions on topics relevant to the current energy insurance market.


A full seminar programme time-table will be sent to delegates in June 2023. If you wish to know more about the specific seminar topics that are referred to above, please contact the Aon Energy Training Seminar team (details for whom can be found on the Contact tab).


Speakers are drawn from both inside and outside of Aon UK Limited. All will be leading authorities in the London Energy insurance market.

Social activities

There will be some exciting events on 3 of the 4 evenings where delegates can socialise with each other and the wider Aon Natural Resources Team.