United Kingdom


The objective of the seminar is to give each delegate an opportunity to develop their existing skills and knowledge through understanding the principles and practice of Energy Insurance on a global scale.

Our training seminar is designed to meet the needs of our delegates and to provide them with a challenging environment. It will be intense and we will cover all aspects of Energy Insurance practice.

The seminar will be interactive in nature, with presentations by leading market practitioners from Aon and the London Insurance Market who specialise in Energy.

The seminar will deal with current commercial practice issues as well as theory and the week will be based on a case study of a fictitious client company. Each delegate will be actively involved with analysing, designing and placing an Insurance risk for the fictitious company using role play and with the aid of expert Energy specialists. There will also be evening events and a visit to Lloyd's.

It will also enable delegates to familiarise themselves with the structure and operation of the London Energy market and to understand the structure, place and function of Aon Energy in both the London and global Energy Insurance Markets.

Seminar Dates

22nd to 26th July 2024, both days inclusive.