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Aon's Cyber Solutions and DLA Piper have published the 3rd Edition of 'The Price of Data Security: A guide to the insurability of GDPR fines across Europe’.

This third edition sets out the latest findings around the insurability of GDPR fines across Europe and looks at the insurability of costs associated with GDPR non-compliance (e.g. litigation, investigation and compensation) as well as the insurability of non-GDPR regulatory fines.

Concerns about GDPR compliance have been accentuated by the current public health crisis. A sudden imperative for socially distanced interactions means more services are being delivered digitally, leading to an increase in data being collected about individuals. As employers have many of their employees working from home, there are concerns about the security of data leaving the office environment. In time, as employees return to physical sites, technology-based solutions will be introduced to monitor interactions and track-and-trace the spread of the virus - raising further GDPR compliance questions.

Key features:

  • GDPR enforcement actions: latest biggest cases per country in Europe
  • New case studies and lessons learned
  • GDPR at a glance & insurability by country, including heat map
  • Common issues experienced by organisations through the use of international claims and data breach scenarios
  • Practical ways to manage the potential impact of GDPR through risk governance, insurance review and incident response

We hope that you find the 3rd edition an invaluable guide to understanding and managing the impact of GDPR on your organisation, while supporting you and your stakeholders in making informed decisions.

The price of data security

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