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Aon’s Cyber Solutions

Aon offers a full range of services to help you approach cyber as an enterprise risk and achieve cyber resilience.

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Adopting a Risk Based Cyber Insurance Strategy

Aon’s cyber capabilities can support organisations in embracing a risk based approach. This facilitates the deployment of a more effective cyber insurance strategy to help optimise the total cost of risk associated with cyber exposures. We help to define an organisation’s cyber risk strategy through:

  • Cyber 360 Assessment - an enterprise wide approach to cyber security risk that provides a detailed view into a organisation’s unique technology profile and threat landscape, with a focus on facilitating risk quantification and insurability.
  • Cyber Impact Analysis - a data driven analytical framework supporting organisations to optimise their resilience strategy through mitigation and transfer. Existing risk financing strategies can also be enhanced through modelling cyber loss scenarios and stress testing current limits.

Cyber Innovation

  • Aon’s Cyber Enterprise Solution™ - broadens the scope of cyber coverage to include: property damage arising from a network security breach, business interruption and extra expense coverage arising from a systems failure, contingent network business interruption for IT vendors and the supply chain, and cyber terrorism coverage.
  • Aon’s Cyber Captive Programme - an alternative approach that helps organisations identify, assess and quantify their cyber risk; ultimately making informed decisions on risk retention in a captive, as well as providing broad form risk transfer capacity and secure comprehensive coverage through the Aon Cyber Enterprise Solution™.
  • Aon’s GDPR Protect Solution - a modular solution that helps organisations manage financial, regulatory and legal risks associated with processing personal data under the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).


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