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Aon’s Cyber Solutions

When uncertainty knows no bounds,
our experience is a must.

Now, every company is a technology company. A cyber breach has the potential to interrupt business operations, supply chains, products, and beyond. It can also impact third parties such as clients, patients, or guests. Cyber insurance coverage is about the business impact of a cyber-related disruption to your organisation.

So, don’t get caught off guard. See your organisation from an attacker’s perspective. Regulators, insurers, and clients are watching. They need assurance that your assets are protected, and you want to know if you’re susceptible to a compromise or breach. That’s where Aon comes in.


We help you understand and quantify your cyber risk.

Security Risk Assessment

See your company like never before. Our security risk assessment identifies your critical assets and vulnerabilities, in addition to evaluating your organisation’s core cyber security capabilities.

Cyber Security Testing

We use real-world testing and simulations to help you understand your vulnerabilities and strengthen your defenses, so you don’t learn about them the hard way.

Cyber Impact Analysis: Financial Quantification

Knowing the financial impact of a cyber event to your organisation is essential for good governance and decision making. Quantify your risk.


We know how to protect your organisation and its critical assets.

Cyber Insurance

Technology has advanced to the point that all companies need protection from the financial loss impact of a cyber incident.

Security Policies and Standards Development

Information security is complex and unique. Why take a one-size fits all approach?

Security Strategy Development

Ad hoc security doesn’t work. A comprehensive enterprise security plan and roadmap sets clear objectives and prioritises spending, boosting your chances of getting funding.


We search for the truth and help you recover quickly.

Stroz Friedberg Incident Response

Under attack? We’ll send in an elite team of breach responders.

Stroz Friedberg Digital Forensics

When you need to know what happened, our elite investigators use cutting-edge digital forensics labs and techniques to look under every stone.


Born in cyber security, we are the model for a new era in comprehensive eDiscovery best practices.

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