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Expert support for returning to the workplace after COVID-19

2020 has presented UK business with a constant stream of challenges. The ongoing pandemic touches almost every aspect of ongoing operations, with businesses facing tough decisions as they look to mitigate and address the impact.

At present, a safe and risk-free workplace is likely to be one of the key priorities. Whether re-opening premises for the first time, looking to send greater numbers back into the office, establishing a permanent plan for from home, or just looking to benchmark the practices already in place, this phase of the pandemic presents a number of new and complex risks.

At Aon our teams of experts have designed a range of frameworks and solutions aimed at supporting you with your key people and risk issues during this critical phase:

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How we can help:

COVID-19 Risk Management Review

Aon’s COVID-19 Risk Management Review will assess your policies and procedures, providing an analysis of their suitability with recommendations for further development of control measures.

Remote Property Survey

Aon’s team of experienced risk control consultants will undertake a remote site survey. We will use our knowledge and experience to remotely gather information which can be used for market review purposes. Information obtained will be more accurate and detailed than that obtained by an unsupported emailed request.

Aon Cyber Solutions, CyQu 2.0

The COVID-19 pandemic has triggered the largest “Work-from-home” mobilisation in history. As the global crisis continues to evolve, it is critical that Risk Management leaders account for the changing threat landscape, particularly in assessing new cyber risk vulnerabilities exposed by remote working.

To help clients navigate these risks, Aon has added an additional security domain for “Remote Work” to the CyQu (Cyber Quotient Evaluation) online cyber risk assessment.

The new critical controls covered in the Remote Work domain include: Remote Connectivity, Authentication & Identity, Device Vulnerability & Monitoring, Remote Business Continuity and Remote Security Awareness.

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COVID-19 Employee Insurance

An insurance policy paying out lump sum payments to individuals hospitalised by COVID-19.

COVID-19 Health Risk Services

A variety of tools to help our clients manage their employee health risk when returning to work, including:

  • Online health assessments to determine whether employees should return to work, or if they are vulnerable and should not
  • Antigen and Antibody testing
  • Temperature testing
  • Clinical advice

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Occupational Health and Absence Management

Advice and access to a range of pre- negotiated Occupational Health services or bespoke consultancy supporting the strategy and provider selection.

Access to our Day 1 Absence Recording and Management service delivered through a leading provider, supported by account management and consultancy from Aon experts.

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Employee Communications

Off the shelf or bespoke communications to cover a range of COVID-19 related issues inc. new workplace practices, return from furlough, Wellbeing etc.

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Desktop Business Interruption Valuation

A desk-based forensic accounting approach utilising an organisation’s financial statements. Insurance claim accounting principles are applied to determine the business interruption figures for reporting considerations on the Statement of Values.

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Aon Accelerate model – Return to workplace/ Future of Work strategy

Providing a ROI on Workforce Change: COVID-19 has accelerated the urgency for a flexible workforce that can adapt and be prepared for new ways of working. The Aon Accelerate Model offers an iterative approach to our clients. It will help create a workforce that has the ability to adapt and embrace change, whilst helping employers understand the complexity and interconnected nature of workforce transformation.

A flexible working model will change how employers think about their resources. It changes the skills required from their workforce and how they reward them to create long term success. Our focus is to create a futureproof talent strategy allowing clients to reshape their workforce whilst managing people cost, empowering agility and driving resilience.

Our Accelerate approach helps our clients quantify and operationalise the new normal.