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So, you’ve created a great employee benefits strategy, designed it with your people in mind, and invested a ton of time and money in rewards and protection that match their needs... but none of your employees know or value what you’re offering.

Why is that?

The key is communication.

Ask yourself this: do your employees know exactly what you’re offering them, and really appreciate it? If the answer’s anything but “Absolutely!” it’s worth taking a look at how effectively you’re communicating your benefits package to your people.

Good communication isn’t an add-on; it’s an essential part of your plan, central to realising value, and you need to build it in from the start.

Source: Aon Benefits and Trends Survey 2019

Communication with people in mind

Your workforce is unique – so one-size-fits-all communications won’t work. We need to understand your people, look at your data, and create the right employee communications to wrap around your employee benefits from the very start.

This might include:

...in whatever combination you require, or something else entirely.

Source: Aon Benefits and Trends Survey 2019

A global team of communications professionals

If you want to see real business value from your benefits programme, a standard email isn’t going to work. You need personalised communications – tailored to people’s interests and culture. This is where we can help.

After all, we have hundreds of communications specialists worldwide, helping employer’s get people engaged with employee benefits, every day. So if you’re a multinational company, we’ll always have someone who understands the local picture – and if you’re not at that stage yet, we can bring you the best ideas and insights from around the world.

We think about this all the time, because it’s important. Whoever your people are, and whatever they value most, we’ll help you find the best way to convey the true value of your benefits.

If you’d like to discuss some ideas, feel free to email us at [email protected] or chat with one of our experts by calling 0344 573 0033.




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