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Webinar: Harassment and Discrimination in the Remote Working Era with Guest Speakers Gillian MacLellan and Hannah Netherton from CMS Cameron McKenna Nabarro Olswang LLP.

We are learning that sexual harassment is continuing to occur in ‘the new normal’, in some cases in new and different ways. In a study undertaken by law firm Slater & Gordon they found that 35% of women reported experiencing sexist demands from their employer, such as being asked to wear more make-up or dress more provocatively on video calls. The European Parliament’s campaign MeTooEP has found that 16% of the people they had surveyed believe they had experienced harassment via video call, known as ‘Zoombombing’. Furthermore, video calls can be intrusive, as co-workers and clients can see into each other’s homes, which may provide information about individual’s living arrangements and personal relationships. This can open the door to potential allegations of discrimination or other allegations related to treatment of an individual. So what should employers be aware of in order to adequately protect their staff and mitigate their potential legal risk?

Here we debate these issues and suggest some tips for firms to consider to raise awareness within your organisation of the potential pitfalls and to proactively address them.


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