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Master Trust Authorisation

We are delighted The Aon MasterTrust is an authorised Master Trust and we are proud of the high-quality solutions that we have developed. As a leading global benefits provider, Aon has real insight into the things that make a scheme successful. However, we do not rest easy — we continue to strive for excellence and have exciting upgrades in the pipeline. Tony Pugh, Aon 

The Aon MasterTrust is an authorised Master Trust scheme, having met the five key criteria required by The Pensions Regulator that:

1. The persons involved in the scheme are fit and proper persons
2. The scheme is financially sustainable
3. Each scheme funder meets the requirements set out in section 10
4. The systems and processes used in running the scheme are sufficient to ensure that it is run effectively, and
5. The scheme has an adequate continuity strategy.

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Aon Solutions UK Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

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