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Webinar Replay: Corporate Accounting in 2023

During 2022 the UK saw unprecedented financial volatility, with accounting discount rates more than doubling and short-term inflation exceeding 10% for much of the year.

Whilst 2023 so far has seen much less turbulence, we may be in the process of adjusting to a ‘new normal’ of persistent high discount rates and short-term inflation.

The impact on pension scheme accounting is highly scheme specific, with divergence in outcomes based on the underlying investment strategy and any actions taken to reduce risk exposure.

During this discussion, our experts explore:

  • The outfall from the 2022 volatility and the possible emergence of a ‘new normal’
  • Implications of persistent high discount rates and high short-term inflation
  • Emerging trends regarding COVID-19 following the release of CMI 2022
  • How you can proactively manage your pensions audit process
  • How to position for a successful 2024

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