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Past topical webinars

In the latest Aon webinar, Jenny Chambers of Pinsent Mason joined us to discuss:

- the latest Judgment and what it may mean for your pension scheme and members
- actions you need to take quickly because of the potential impact on the company and scheme accounts
- work through some of the practical challenges from the judgment and provide an overview of outstanding questions

This GMP Equalisation webinar covered expert views and questions on

- the latest news from the virtual courtroom on the Lloyds Bank hearing regarding the historic transfers prior to 2018
- where other schemes have got to in their projects
- where schemes are on the spectrum between projects aiming at transformation and compliance
- practical experience from early movers on governance, data and communications

Aon’s Accounting Strategy Team discussed:

- Latest thinking on discount rates and inflation assumptions in a sustained low yield environment
- Potential outcomes of the government’s anticipated announcements on RPI reform and the options available to you
- Latest COVID-19 mortality trends
- Potential implications of the second GMP Equalisation court case and how to prepare for the outcome
- In the mix, 2020 provides the perfect storm for you to take back control of your balance sheet.

2020 has been a year that none of us will forget! After the onset of the worst global pandemic since Spanish Flu a century ago, equity markets experienced their fastest ever bear market (falls of 20%). Since then, central bank policy helped equities reach all-time highs. Unprecedented moves; unprecedented volatility. In this webinar, specialists from our fiduciary and investment teams looked at the actions we have taken since we last spoke to you in May.
We explored how we have adapted portfolios and taken advantage of what appears to be a transition from one market cycle to another.

What role can alternative financing solutions play in the current environment? How can pension scheme sponsors and trustees navigate the different alternative financing options available to them? In this webinar, Aon’s experts will explore these pressing questions.

How will the macro and political landscape unfold in the coming months and years? Are we heading towards a ‘New Normal’ and, if so, what shape might it take and what will it mean for investors? Aon experts tackle these important questions and explore the wide range of potential outcomes for investors.

Aon experts will explore the mounting pressures on pension schemes to address climate change and the role pension scheme investing can play to rise to the challenge.

Aon's experts explore what has happened so far and the potential impact for pension schemes. We also hear wider industry insights from the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries work.

Aon's financial wellbeing experts explored steps that employers and trustees can consider in response to the coronavirus crisis. They will also look at employee financial wellbeing trends likely to shape future pension and benefit design.

Mark Jeavons shares Aon's latest scenarios for potential recovery in markets and the global economy. The team expand on the longer-term impact for investment strategies as well as a reminder of hidden traps as investors take steps to stay on target.

William Parry and specialists from our asset allocation and delegated investment teams discuss how our investment performance and operational resilience planning has held up over these challenging times.

Aon’s Caroline Allensby-Green was joined by specialists from our Asset Allocation and Manager Research teams to explore the recent market developments and ways in which different asset classes, managers and strategies have performed in response to the coronavirus crisis.

Specialists from our covenant, actuarial and investment teams will discussed topics including:
- What the AFS says about covenant
- How to use Recovery Plan flexibilities
- How to allow for Post-Valuation experience
- Practical investment considerations
- How TPR examples might apply to your scheme in 2020

Aon's Defined Contributions (DC) Advisory Team explored some of the steps that DC schemes can consider in response to the coronavirus crisis.

During this recent webinar specialists from Aon's Risk Settlement Group address the impact of the coronavirus crisis on pension scheme de-risking transactions.

During this webinar, specialists for Aon’s Member Options and Administration teams are joined by WPS Advisory (Independent Financial Adviser firm), where they share insights on how pension schemes can better support and protect members during the Coronavirus crisis.

Aon's financial wellbeing experts will explore some of the steps that employers and trustees can consider in response to the coronavirus crisis. They will also look at employee financial wellbeing trends likely to shape future pension and benefit design.


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