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My treasure lies in my team.
Alexander the Great

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I love those who can smile in trouble. Leonardo da Vinci

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Everything flows, nothing stays still. Heraclitus

People, not just ID numbers

In the world of expanding digitalisation, big data, systems and IT, companies may run the risk of thinking about their people through ID numbers. They may focus on processes and KPIs, and miss the opportunity to differentiate through the human side of their people.

90% of worlds data
Robots could replace 800 million jobs by 2030

With recent advances in AI technologies, it is predicted that robots may soon enter the world of work on an unprecedented scale.

Within the next few decades we may see more and more robots working alongside humans in business, healthcare or education.

While this seems inevitable, employees are nevertheless asking for more human-to human connections in the workplace.

Work Difference Video

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50% of work comprised by millennials by 2020 61% of employes say work flexibility important

We need to start looking at people and organisations from a different perspective.

  • Listen to people and organisations differently
  • Engage with people and organisations differently
  • Act on people and organisations differently
  • Develop people and organisations differently
  • Reflect on people feedback differently
  • Inspire people and organisations differently

In other words we need to Work different

At Aon, we see a strong need for change, an appetite for new ways of working together, communicating, getting inspired and thriving.

Dan Riley

Dan Riley

Global & EMEA Talent Practice Leader


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