Trade Credit Insurance: Greater Certainty in Your Planning

If you’ve ever been in a situation where your customers have failed to settle outstanding payments, you’ll know that not only is it time-consuming dealing with payment reminders, default actions and possibly even collection orders - it also affects your cash position.

Trade credit insurance provides comprehensive cover against default, making financial planning easier and more predictable. We can tailor a policy to your specific requirements to stabilise your turnover, reduce your risk of insolvency and help you increase your line of credit with your bank.

Regular credit checks on your customers help prevent possible losses. If, despite all this, a loss still occurs, Aon will actively help to protect your cash position.

Our team knows its clients and the insurance market, using our international network to negotiate the best cover for you at favourable terms.

Main advantages:

  • Protection against default for insured claims
  • Compensation for late or non-payment
  • Regular credit checks and risk data about your business partners
  • Greater certainty in your financial planning and more precise calculation of your cash position

Aon offers credit insurance solutions for businesses of all sizes. We look forward to hearing from you!

Policy Manager® – Minimising the paperwork, maximising the cover

Credit insurance plays an important role in preventive risk management and is the key instrument when it comes to managing your credit risk. Yet, if you want to make the most of the cover options available, it can often be a very time-consuming process – not least if you have a wide number of customer relationships. With PolicyManager©, not only can you minimise the work involved, you can also maximise your cover. Read more.

Flexible concepts to cover your individual export risks

As an exporter of expensive plant and machinery or valuable commodities, you’ll be well aware of the risks involved in foreign trade. Who guarantees that you’ll be paid what you are owed? Along with the financial risk, political factors can also lead to default – especially when exporting to developing and emerging countries. Aon has developed bespoke insurance concepts for German exporters and financial institutions, designed to cover the specific requirements of individual customers involved in export sales. Read more.


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