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Empowering continuity with the Aon Risk Maturity Index

Things don’t always go according to plan, so it’s important that you have solid practices and processes in place to successfully manage your business through unexpected challenges and uncertainty. At Aon we provide expertise and advice that empowers you to reduce volatility in your business, protect your balance sheet and build stability throughout your organisation.

Are more developed risk management approaches associated with an improved bottom line?

Using initial findings from the Aon Risk Maturity Index, we have identified a significant relationship between the maturity of an organisation’s risk management framework and its financial performance.

About the Aon Risk Maturity Index

The Aon Risk Maturity Index is designed to capture and assess an organisation’s risk management practices, and provide participants with immediate feedback in the form of a Risk Maturity Rating and actionable steps for improvement. Aon has partnered with the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania to develop the Index and conduct joint research on the relationships between risk management practices and actual performance.

The Aon Risk Maturity Index combines the experience and knowledge of Aon Risk Solutions, Aon Global Risk Consulting and Aon Hewitt into an easy-to-understand and free questionnaire on risk management processes, corporate governance and risk understanding. Upon completion of the 30-35 minute questionnaire, participants receive a customized Risk Maturity Rating and general commentary on improving that rating. Approximately two - three weeks after completing the Index, participants receive a detailed report that provides rating information on 40 key components of risk maturity.

As more data is captured, the Index will evolve into the industry-standard platform for insight on global Risk Maturity Ratings, as well as a tool for providing real-time insights into an organisation’s rating, relative to industry peers. Insights gained from the Index can support strategic discussions regarding risk management frameworks and capabilities.

Please visit for more information on the Index and how you can participate.

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